Printing solutions rising, amid doldrums

THE printing industry has experienced a global downtrend, at least for those involved in the conventional printing business, but digital printing solutions hold high potential, said new Cebu investors.

Norde International Distributors, a provider of industrial printing equipment and solutions, opened its Cebu office in Tipolo in Mandaue City last April 6 to cater to the visual graphic needs of various business sectors. It brought with them printing technology from 16 global brands like Hewlett Packard (HP), Stratasys, Kornit, GMG, and Esko.

“The conventional printing business is going down (in terms) of market share and sales. Digital printing solutions have become the trend globally,” said Norde President Allan Hao-Chin.

Norde caters to a broad array of industry segments covering general commercial printing, broadsheet, publishers, architectural firms, and other leading companies that require multiple runs of large-format printing.

The solutions provided by the company also supports industries for labels, packaging, sign and display segments, as well as direct-to-garment businesses. The company is also a distributor of 3D printers for engineering firms and research and development groups. In addition, Norde provides digital printing solutions for pre-press, finishing, workflows and eCommerce.

“We in Norde do not sell the equipment only, but it is about selling the equipment as part of the solution,” Norde General Manager Steve Venn said.

Company officials said they were supposed to open the Cebu branch three years ago.

“We have customers from Cebu but we were not sure if we have economies of scale (before),” Hao-Chin told reporters.

But in the recent years, Norde has observed regional expansions of Metro Manila-based companies in Cebu and the increasing inquiries from companies in the Visayas. The new Cebu office will serve the Visayas hub, and a Davao office will open in the next two to three months to serve Mindanao, according to Venn.

Norde has seven people to run its Cebu operations. Prices of printing equipment and solutions distributed by the company range from P70,000 to the “tens of millions,” said Venn.

Donato Busa of DMC Busa Printers, who is also president of the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is one of the buyers of Norde printers and solutions.

Busa, whose business is benefitting from the election season, noted a 30 percent increase in his company’s revenues with this election as it serves more than a hundred politicians who are running this election year. DMC has been printing campaign collaterals of local politicians for around 20 years now. Posters and giveaways such as pens, ballers, fans, notebooks, lighters, T-shirts, and bar pins are among the most popular election materials distributed by politicians to reach out to the 55 million Filipino voters.

Election materials, however, are not necessarily the company’s thrust as the demand is seasonal. With expansions in southern Philippines, company officials aim to help businesses in their branding and visual communication needs through its array of printing equipment and solutions.

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