Pres. Duterte urges people to resist extremism, promises peace at all costs

DAVAO CITY-- President Rodrigo Duterte has urged Mindanaoans to resist extremism as this threatens and destroys people anywhere in the world.

"Gusto ko talaga kapayapaan (I really want peace)," he said, reminding people that Filipinos are of the Malay race, which is forgiving.

Extremism is now a problem, he said, noting, "That is why, we I am in a hurry. I am a man in a hurry."

The President was referring to the crafting of a solution to address the problems in Mindanao through the Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC), which was formally launched Friday night at the Waterfront Insular Hotel here.

The President warned that extremists are already attempting to inject the Islamic State (IS) into the country.

"Mahirap 'yan (That's very problematic). That is why also we must avoid extremism or even entertaining or accommodating them because it will destroy all of us," he said.

The President said extremism would tear the country apart.

"If we allow them to come in here and convert even some, there will be a bloodbath, sigurado 'yan (that's for sure) because of the mix natin dito (because of our mixed culture here). We must have peace at all costs," he declared.

"Ang gusto ko talaga mangyari ay kapayapaan (What I really want is peace) but it must be as one country, one nation and one flag. Nagkaintindihan tayo diyan (We understand each other on that)."

He noted that the centerpiece of his governance is Mindanao.

"A large part of my campaign was merely about Mindanao and it was already Islam before Magellan. It has nothing to do with religion," President Duterte said.

"I'm asking you now: resist extremism," he said, emphasizing that if extremism prevails, he could no longer control the situation.

"Pag ang gusto ninyo dito patayan lang, wala nang pag-usapan kapayapaan. Talagang gugulo 'yan (If you only want killings, peace can no longer be discussed. It will be trouble)," he stressed. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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