Pres. Duterte thanks fellow ASEAN member states for calamity aid

MANILA-- President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday expressed his gratitude to the Philippines' ASEAN neighbors for their assistance whenever calamity strikes the country.

The Philippines will never forget the timely assistance from fellow ASEAN countries. During our time of greatest need, you were there. We are eternally grateful, President Duterte said as he opened the 30th ASEAN Summit at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Pasay City.

He recalled how disasters have tested the resilience of the Filipino people.

They picked up the pieces of their lives and had the strong will to start over again. This is the indomitable spirit of the Filipino people. This allows us to surpass challenges that come our way, he said, noting that this has helped shape the attitude of the Filipino people and even the government in practicing preparedness for future challenges.

President Duterte meanwhile pledged that in return, the Philippines will do its own part in extending assistance to other countries in the region and even beyond.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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