Power reserves in Visayas grid fall short

MANILA, Philippines – The Visayas grid fell short of 256 megawatts in reserves yesterday, according to the latest data from the National Grid Corp. of the Philippines (NGCP).


System capacity stood at 1,329 MW while system peak was estimated at 1,585 MW, NGCP data showed.


This developed as a fire on Saturday led to the temporary shutdown of the 200-MW Kepco-Salcon Power Corp.’s power plant in Naga City in Cebu.


Despite this, Kepco-SPC said in a statement that a total power blackout in the island is unlikely because there are other “power plants that can supply” and fill in the supply shortage.


At the same time, the Department of Energy said there may be rotational blackouts because of the deficit.


The Aboitiz Group’s Visayan Electric Co. (Veco), which has at least 300,000 customers in its franchise area in Cebu, does not source power from Kepco-SPC and has not resorted to power interruptions.


In its statement, Kepco-SPC said its building caught fire, forcing it to shut down its circulating fluidized bed combustion (CFBC) power plant.


The two-unit plant closed the first unit at 5 p.m. Sunday while the second unit was shut down by midnight.


Kepco said it would immediately start the repair of the damaged portion and is developing the best plans to shorten the period of the repair so Unit 1 can go on line the soonest time possible.

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