Poll bets’ posters turned into eco-bricks in Ilocos Norte

Dismantled campaign posters of national and local candidates in Ilocos Norte are put into good use as these are now shredded and turned into "eco-bricks."

“Thank you to everyone who donated their plastics,” said Mj Apostol, manager of the Ilocos Norte eco hub that collects used plastics and converts them as part of building materials.

Located in Tonoton village in Piddig town, about 12 kilometers from downtown Laoag, the first eco-hub facility in the province is now in full swing.

The facility is a joint undertaking of the Ayala-led renewable energy corporation, Green Antz Builders, with the provincial and municipal governments.

Apostol said all types of plastic materials are accepted at the facility to help the province recycle its plastic materials instead of dumping them in sanitary landfills.

“Beside plastic tarpaulins, we are also accepting clean and dry plastic bottles, cubs, cutlery, junk food, wrappers, tetra packs, and detergent sachets among others,” Apostol said.

Since its inauguration last July 2021, the facility has hired additional manpower, including six graduates of a recent training on labor and machine operations.

The six graduates are now permanent employees at the eco hub. As of May 26, 2022, the facility can produce at least 60 hollow blocks and 193 bricks in a day.

While eco-bricks are more expensive per unit compared to traditional bricks, these reduce the overall cost of building construction and operation.

They also allow for greater insulation, thus, drastically reducing energy consumption, resulting in lower electricity costs and environmental impact.

Some of the finished products have been tested in the construction of pavement in a school in Pagudpud, as well as in other parts of the country.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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