Poe names plane owners

Senator Grace Poe on Tuesday finally revealed the owners of the aircraft she and her running mate, Senator Francis Escudero, have been using in their campaign sorties.

"We are not hiding anything here. It's true that there are those who lent their planes," Poe said in a news briefing, adding that while they leased some of the planes they used, some were also lent to them.

She said they are renting planes from Helitrend. "That's their business and we are not the only ones renting planes from them. Many [other candidates] are renting from them. That will be placed in our Statement of Campaign Expenses."

She also said San Miguel Corp. has also lent them planes, and "if there are others, these will be placed in our SOCE."

She said other politicians also borrow aircraft from the conglomerate and even President Benigno Aquino III has borrowed aircraft from them.

"They can be asked about it and even our President, he also borrows from them," said Poe, claiming that some of the jets she and her team use during campaign sorties are either leased at "a very discounted rate... or we pay for the gasoline, We have to pay for the pilot. "

Meanwhile, Poe made her final appeal for the Supreme Court to reverse the two decisions of the Commission on Elections that cancelled her Certificate of Candidacy, insisting that she is a natural-born Filipino citizen and satisfied the 10-year residency requirement to run for president.

In a 330-page memorandum filed on behalf of the Galing at Puso standard-bearer, her legal team led by lawyer Alex Poblador maintained that Poe, who is the frontrunner in the presidential race, had met the citizenship and residency requirements to run for president in the May 9 general elections.

Poe's lawyers assailed the Comelec ruling, saying the senator did not commit material misrepresentation when she indicated in her CoC that she was a natural-born Filipino citizen and that she will be a resident of the Philippines for 10 years and 11 months by May 9, which is way beyond the 10-year residency requirement for presidential candidates prescribed in the 1987 Constitution.

The lawyers also complained to the SC that the Comelec decision to cancel Poe fs COC for president was gsomewhat premeditated, and that bias and impartiality tainted the Comelec fs acts. h

They lamented how the Comelec gchanged and manipulated at every turn h the rules of the game in deciding Poe fs case gto achieve the singular objective of denying due course to her COC, and ultimately, removing her name from the official ballot. h

The Comelec, they said, denied Poe of her right to due process when it disregarded the overwhelming evidence proving that although a foundling, she is a natural-born citizen and that she has been a resident of the Philippines since May 24, 2005.

Sourcee: The Standard

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