Poe camp says her support is growing

THE results of the Laylo survey where independent presidential candidate Grace Poe is leading is an indication of the growing consolidation of support behind her candidacy, Poe's camp said Wednesday.

Her spokesman Rex Gatchalian said that, coming into the last leg of the campaign period, Poe continued to stay in front of the race.

"As more and more individuals and organized groups endorse her candidacy, her platform of governance continues to gain," Gatchalian said.

"We are confident the momentum will be sustained as the election draws nearer."

Poe said she will prove that regardless of who supports her in the presidential elections, she will dispense justice to both friends and foes.

The survey frontrunner said the only way to make people trust the government again was to ensure that corrupt officials, regardless of their political leanings, had no place in government.

"The treatment should be equal to friends or foes, rich or poor," Poe said.

Poe is the primary sponsor of the Freedom of Information bill in the Senate, which passed in a record time of eight months but remains pending in the House of Representatives. The FOI is a vital tool in eliminating corruption and institutionalizing the citizen's participation in keeping the government honest.

Under her administration, Poe said, government officials accused of corruption in court would be immediately removed from office.

She said corruption was the main reason people distrusted the government.

"Kung mismong mga kaibigan mo na nasa puwesto ay hindi mo ipapakulong dahil kaibigan mo, e 'di walang maniniwala sa 'yo," Poe said.

The Philippines ranked 95th out of 168 countries in the 2015 Corruption Perceptions Index, down 10 notches from the 2014 rankings.

Source: The Standard

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