PNP lauds UNHRC support to PH human rights efforts

The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Thursday welcomed the resolution adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) that spared the Philippines from an international probe into alleged human rights abuses.


“We acknowledge this manifestation of the UNHRC’s recognition of the Philippine government’s initiatives to review and reevaluate all allegations of human rights violations in the implementation of the national anti-illegal drugs campaign,” said PNP spokesperson, Col. Ysmael Yu, in a statement.


He added that the proposed “technical cooperation and capacity-building for the promotion and protection of human rights in the Philippines” offers more opportunities for the PNP to further promote our advocacy to protect, respect, and fulfill human rights in all aspects of the police operation.


“This will further strengthen the PNP’s firm commitment to uphold the rule of law, through strict adherence to the PNP Operational Procedures or Rules of Engagement that emphasizes highly on respect for human rights and international humanitarian law,” Yu said.


He added this resolution would serve as a point to ponder for the PNP in ensuring that human rights protection is upheld while performing its mandate.


“The PNP will do its job as intended, and perform to its best for what is right and to assure that PNP will always be there to serve and protect every Filipino Family as its partners,” Yu said.


On October 7, the UNHRC adopted a resolution endorsing UN support for the Philippines’ efforts to further strengthen its human rights and accountability mechanisms.


The 47-member intergovernmental body adopted unanimously a decision that recognizes the Philippines’ domestic accountability institutions to address cases of human rights violations alleged by activists and interest groups.


It acknowledges the Philippines’ strong and open engagement with the UN, and promotes the provision of technical assistance from UN agencies and international partners in work areas on rule of law, justice, law enforcement, and accountability processes, at the invitation of the government and in accordance with national priorities.


Source: Philippines News Agency


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