PNP chief urges Filipinos to honor heroes’ sacrifices

MANILAPhilippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Oscar Albayalde on Monday urged Filipinos to nurture the freedom earned by heroes of the country and continue to defend democracy.

"We are today the proud inheritors of the precious legacy of freedom left to us by Filipino heroes of the past. In grateful appreciation of both the nameless and prominent heroes who fought for freedom, justice and independence, we must show our commitment to defend our national sovereignty and our democratic system at all cost," Albayalde said in his National Heroes Day message.

Albayalde, meanwhile, called on members of the police force to serve the people with full commitment.

"For our part in the Philippine National Police, this is an opportune time to reaffirm our professional commitment to uphold the rule law as servants and protectors of the people. This day too shall serve to acknowledge the heroism of members of the Philippine National Police, both living and dead whom we recognize as champions of justice for their exemplary service," he added.

"The men and women of the PNP who continue to perform their duty with loyalty, dedication and pride are contemporary heroes of our time who share the same aspiration for a free and just society under an independent, strong and progressive republic. There is always a hero amongst us and the PNP will never run out of heroes," he added.

Some police officers were among the 168 government forces killed and the 1,400 others injured during the five-month Marawi siege.

At least 85 policemen have also been killed in action last year by armed suspects in the country's ongoing war against illegal drugs. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency

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