PNA shapes the future of news gathering and dissemination

MANILA-� Four decades since it first came to be, the Philippine News Agency (PNA), the country's premiere wire service news provider, is finally moving into the future and getting a much-deserved facelift in the fast-paced world of the media industry.

Over the years, the PNA, its reporters and staff have done so much, given their meager resources in covering events, both local and international. Though short on equipment and decent facilities, PNA has endured hard times and much harder news coverage.

With the overwhelming win of President Rodrigo Duterte during the 2016 elections and his vision of change, particularly in government services, the PNA, which falls directly under the umbrella of the Presidential Communications Office (PCO) under the helm of Secretary Martin Andanar, the agency is undergoing the needed change to put it at par with its counterparts in the ASEAN region and the world.

One major upgrade is a new and improved website, which replaces the old one that has been in use since 2003.

The new, interactive and user-friendly website has a new interface and adjusts to any mobile device -- be it, android or iOS. The PNA app is now also available from the website, or Google Play Store for free.

Andanar also revealed plans to expand and renovate the PNA headquarters. PNA's new home will be a more conducive and efficiency-based workplace.

To make PNA a truly multi-platform media entity, the new PNA office will have facilities, such as a news studio, audio booth and monitoring screen. Andanar said that aside from providing printed news material and photographs, PNA will also be broadcasting news in video format through its partner agencies in the PCO Integrated News services.

What inspired me to effect changes to the Philippine News Agency was one of my visits in Cebu. We all know that Cebu is the Queen City of the South. The office had one manager and one contractual worker. There was one laptop, which also belonged to the manager and the only desktop computer was a vintage, Pentium 3. If you have a news agency doing its best using the resources it has, then you should really salute to them. That is one thing that inspired me -- the dedication of the Philippine News Agency, Andanar said Monday during the launch of the PNA's new website, held at the Conrad Hotel in Pasay City.

As consumer preferences evolve, so too will the PNA. No longer does the public get news stories from dailies or the evening news programs on television. The public wants to see news as it happens and demands constant updates, which is why the PNA has developed its own app for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Until the Duterte Administration came along, the PNA had had to make do with dilapidated facilities and outdated equipment while covering the same events alongside the private media.

The neglect of the PNA is a thing of the past now. This administration will get the much needed attention and support to overhaul and modernize its operations, starting with the launch of its new website interface, design and renovation of its office in Quezon City. The dream of a total makeover of the country's official news agency is now beginning to turn into reality. Indeed change has come to the Philippine News Agency, Andanar said.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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