Pintados Festival to push through despite Covid scare

Pintados de Passi Festival is slated on the third week of March and will push through despite the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid 19) scare, the mayor of Passi City confirmed on Friday.

Mayor Stephen Palmares said the festival will push through upon the decision of local officials during a consultation meeting.

I also consulted doctors and we came up with the decision that we will push through with the Pintados (Festival). I heard that some festivities in February were postponed but Pintados will be on the later part of March already, Palmares said.

The mayor also considered the possibility that the postponement of the festival due to the virus might create panic among Passinhons.

He said he joined local officials to conduct an on the ground inspection around the city and saw no reason to postpone the festival.

Palmares assured the locals that the city is safe from Covid 19 and precautionary measures are in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

The city and the Provincial Health Office have conducted last Feb. 7 an information dissemination on Covid 19 prevention.

The Pintados de Passi Festival gathers annually an estimated 100,000 revelers, the mayor said. The highlight for this year is scheduled for March 22.

With the city health office, we will put up stations for people to disinfect (during the festivity), Palmares said.

Started in 1998, Palmares said Pintados de Passi was never postponed due to any health concern in the past.

The festival features street dancing performances known for its aggressive dance movements.

Palmares said eight tribes will perform this year and the public should also look forward to other activities like tattoo contest, car show, photo exhibit, among others

Source: Philippines News Agency

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