Pilipinas Natin holds Volunteerism Summit 2015 in Tagaytay City (Philippines News Agency)

Pilipinas Natin, a national volunteerism movement, conducted a Volunteerism Summit 2015 at One Tagaytay Hotel in this city from Aug. 19-21, 2015 with the theme: Inform, Inspire, Involve.

In an interview with Philippines News Agency (PNA), Victus Buenaventura, service team leader, said more than 250 youth leaders, mentors, committee youth development leaders and youth professionals from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao converged for three days to discuss online and on-ground volunteerism especially in this typhoon season and during calamities where sharing information is the key and basic act of volunteerism.

During typhoon and people unrest like Yolanda, information is the very key, very basic act of volunteerism that can be done by anyone to empower somebody who needs the information you have, he said.

With the onset of technology such as the Internet where the young are exposed to online activities, the act of volunteerism can start with sharing inspirational and informative stories instead of extreme stories as depicted in the media.

Online, we will share not only pabebe (cute) and entertaining posts but something of importance, of relevance, and share inspirations with youth, he added.

Buenaventura gave an example of a Facebook sensation, Heroes of New York where the writer shares pictures and stories of ordinary people in the midst of negative and celebrated stories in some media outfit with the idea that we are not only figures , we are not only numbers but everyone has a story to tell that we can share.

Moreover, on the part of on-ground volunteerism, what is necessary is the collaboration and coordination among existing volunteer groups in the country where programs and resources are already present. Buenaventura said the Philippines ranked high in the most number of non-government organizations and foundations in Southeast Asia that only need to collaborate and share.

With the number of organizations in the country probably we have a problem in coordinating and collaborating, he lamented. What we want is to collaborate and should not hesitate to ask or share good practices and not individualistic credit.

What we asked our participants is to share what they have. That is how we build a country, he continued.

Lastly, Buenaventura urged everyone to make volunteerism not just a good feeling attitude but a lifestyle of sharing time, efforts and initiatives in any we can especially to the next generation of leaders.

Next year’s summit will be held in Camarines Sur. (PNA)

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