PHL Red Cross shares safety tips for Black Nazarene devotees

The Philippine Red Cross has shared some tips for devotees who will join the Black Nazarene procession on Monday.

-- Know the route of the procession.

-- Secure your house before you leave. Unplug all electrical appliances.

-- Be physically prepared. Pregnant women and persons who are sick are advised to stay at home and rest.

-- Be sure to have an ID, as well as your medical information and emergency contact numbers with you.

-- Wear proper clothing and footwear. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry and bringing expensive electronic devices.

-- Avoid alcoholic beverages.

-- Do not bring sharp objects.

-- Bring candies, biscuits and bottled water to prevent heat exhaustion and dehydration.

-- Beware of the possible hazards around you during the procession, for instance motor vehicles, falling debris, etc.

-- Know where you are at all times. When coming by groups, assign a designated meeting point, in case someone gets lost.

-- Maintain proper distance from people or objects to avoid unnecessary injuries. Plan a safe exit path.

-- Know the location of medical stations, police stations and other emergency authorities within the area, and how to get there.

-- Know your local emergency numbers. Red Cross Hotline is 143 or 790-2340 to 45.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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