PHL Institute of Sports launched; focuses in strengthening grassroot development

MANILA, -- The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) on Monday launched the Philippine Institute of Sports (PIS) focusing on national grassroot sports development and high performance level of training which was held at PhilSports Arena in Pasig City.

Cabinet Secretary Leoncio B. Evasco, who represented President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, has assured that the government will throw all its support to Filipino athletes, at the same time rallied sports leaders through the PIS to give emphasis on giving access to communities in sports facilities, training and development in line with the administration's call for genuine change.

Evasco said "Sports can not be treated as a luxury neither sports is only for the elite. Its contribution in personal development and well-being can not be under estimated - that the poor and the marginalized must feel and experienced."

"Sports can help us and teach us to a more rounded-lives. And for the gifted, sports can be a vehicle for maximizing their potentials," he added.

Evasco emphasized the PIS will still on them (aspiring athletes) a sense of citizenship to become productive individuals.

Dennis Uy, Presidential Adviser for Sports, has lauded sports leaders especially PSC chair William "Butch" Ramirez and his Team PSC for aggressively pushing the establishment of the institute.

He also called on sports leaders, athletes, local government officials, sports enthusiasts to help Philippine sports and hope to bag an elusive Olympic gold medal.

Aware that the government lack of funds in the development and promotion of sports, Uy together with the private sector has promised to raise PHP1-billion for the program.

A field of athletes, sports leaders from the Philippine Olympic Committee various National Sports Associations

Timely, Filipino athletes at the thick of their training and preparation for the forthcoming 2017 Southeast Asian Games (SEAG) to be held Malaysia in mid-August this year, members of the national team will be under the PIS' High Performance Program.

To help improve their performance, services to be rendered to them include sports medicine, sports nutrition, psychology, rehabilitation and recovery, sports physiology and biomechanics.

The PIS is tasked by the PSC with the mission of leading and managing the sports development programs for grassroots and elite level of performance.

The PSC explained Performance monitoring teams will be deployed to observe and monitor individual athletes that they properly provided with the premium quality of said services during training and competition.

The grassroots program includes Education and Training Program designed to provide short and comprehensive building for Physical Education teachers both in public and private schools attuned to modern and scientific approach in teaching sports, physical fitness courses.

Targeted beneficiaries under the scheme are sports coaches, referees and sports practitioners -- sports managers designed to help them more effective in their role.

Another aspect of the PIS is the Talent Identification Program (TIP) or Long Term Athlete Development Program (LTADP), which is primary tasked to identify young budding athlete and para-athlete and provide them support inn developing their skills in sports.

The program also aimed at providing the vehicle for these young athletes to be part of the developmental training and national training pool to eventually be a member in the country's national team.

To fully realized the implementation of the program, the PSC urged the cooperation of the public and private school, and local government units across the country.

The Institute also covers Athlete Career Education Program to chart their professional career growth and provide assistance to access educational degree.

PSC said the Community Development Program (CDP) will link PSC to the communities treated as partners in making sports as a tool for human and community development -- sports peace, Indigenous Peoples games, sports for vulnerable sectors, among others.

Actually, the PIS was crafted by former PSC chair Philip Ella Juico following the mandate provided for to the government's sports body.

Briefly, the plan took off, due to changes in the administration, the PIS was shelved.

PSC chair Ramirez took where PIS has started, this time with aggressive program, scientifically developing Filipino athletes' skills aiming for the elusive Olympic gold. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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