Philippines: Seung Yeun Technology Industries reinstates union members following strike

20 April 2016

Author: Partido Manggagawa

16 Apr 2016

The five day strike at an electronics subcon in the Cavite EPZA, the country’s biggest export zone, ended…with the reinstatement of workers earlier fired for union activities. Striking workers of Seung Yeun Technology Industries Corp. (SYTIC) will go back to work next week, including eighteen illegally terminated employees, in a deal reached at a mediation meeting convened by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). Two retrenched workers earlier accepted the separation offer of management and are not covered by the agreement…

Union officers and members were fired by SYTIC management in an attempt to bust the union that was formed to address numerous workplace issues. SYTIC workers complained of wages that partly are not paid in cash but in the form of meals, illegal deduction on wages for company events, non-payment of overtime due to an illegal compressed workweek schedule, and the lack of a company nurse, doctor and hospital bed, as provided for in the Labor Code…

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19 April 2016

Author: Interaksyon (Philippines)

11 Apr 2016

Workers of an electronics subcontractor at the Cavite EPZA in Rosario, Cavite went on strike…after the Korean-owned company, paralyzing production at the factory…

The striking workers of Seung Yeun Technology Industries Corp. (SYTIC)…are demanding the reinstatement of 20 workers fired for union activities, respect for the right to unionize, and redress of violations of labor standards on wages, overtime, and health and safety…

SYTIC manufactures plastic products that provide protection to integrated circuits and electronic components from physical and electrostatic discharge during storage and shipping. It supplies to local subsidiaries of big US electronics companies like ON Semiconductor, a Motorola spinoff, Texas Instruments, and Analog Devices.

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