Philippine Red Cross all set to assist commuters this Holy Week 2017

QUEZON CITY-- The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) is all geared up for its Holy Week Operations 2017 by deploying more than 1,300 staff and volunteers to provide first aid assistance and ambulance service, which started on April 11 to April 16.

All PRC Chapters nationwide are on alert 24/7 to provide aid to hundreds of thousands of commuters expected to go to their respective destinations or vacation sites this long weekend.

PRC has set up 161 first aid stations with 60 stationed ambulances, and 33 roving ambulances. There are also 119 welfare desks to provide psychosocial support, referral assistance, and tracing assistance for people with missing relatives/companions.

These efforts are stationed in churches, beaches, swimming pools/resorts, bus terminals, sea and air ports, parks, highways, mountains and pilgrimage areas, and other public places nationwide.

We expect an increased in the influx of travelers during the observance of Holy Week season, especially from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday. As always, we activated all our PRC Chapters nationwide and mobilized our dedicated volunteers to ensure the safety of the general public and provide them with immediate assistance in case of emergencies, said PRC Chairman Richard Gordon.

The PRC also once again coordinated with major gasoline stations in NLEX, SLEX, STARTOLL, and TPLEX expressways to position Red Cross first aid stations and welfare desks to provide help to the motorists and commuters.

Last year, PRC helped a total of 4,308 people with minor cases which included an increase in blood pressure, sprain, headache, dizziness, jellyfish sting, abrasion, insect bite, food allergy, fainting, and dysmenorrhea, among others.

PRC, led by its Safety Services, reminds everyone about its 10 Road Safety Commitments to ensure public safety:

I commit to:

- Use a seatbelt

- Wear a helmet if riding on a motorcycle

- Drive at a safe speed and distance as necessary for the condition I am in

- Not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs

- Not use a mobile phone when driving

- Be visible as a pedestrian or cyclist

- Know and respect the highway code

- Maintain my vehicle in a good condition

- Be licensed and trained for the vehicle I am driving

- Know how to act in case of a car crash

PRC also has a First Aid PH app, which offers instant access to instructions on how to administer basic first aid, as well as preparedness tests for a variety of possible incidents. The app can be accessed even when offline. You can download it for free on Apple App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices.

In case of emergency, PRC hotline 143 is readily available for anyone to contact. And for other inquiries or to join the PRC as volunteer, inquire at 790-2300 or send an email at Interested volunteers may also apply online at

Source: Philippines Information Agency

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