PH, US Marine armor, artillery hold live-fire exercises

MANILA The Philippine Marine Corps' (PMC) Cadillac Gage Textron V-300 and V-150 light armored vehicles, along with 81mm. and 60mm. mortar teams, will participate in the live-fire exercises of "KAMANDAG" at the Col. Ernesto Rabina Air Base in Capas, Tarlac on Thursday.

"We have our V-300s and V-150s in the area along with our mortar (teams). On the US side, they have their AAVs (amphibious assault vehicles) and howitzers," PMC spokesperson, Capt. Felix Serapio said in a message to the Philippine News Agency (PNA) when asked what assets they would be deploying for the final exercise for this year's "KAMANDAG" maneuvers.

Serapio declined to give exact figures of participating armored vehicles and weapons for security reasons.

"KAMANDAG" is short for "Kaagapay ng mga Mandirigma ng Dagat", which formally opened on October 9, and will conclude on October 18. The exercise is spearheaded by the PMC with US and Japanese units as participants.

The annual exercise seeks to enhance the inter-operability of these military forces.

"KAMANDAG" could be translated into English as "cooperation of seaborne warriors". (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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