Peralta bans use of phones in court proceedings

MANILA Chief Justice Diosdado M. Peralta on Thursday ordered a ban on the use of mobile phones and other gadgets during trials in all courts in the country.

"In order to maintain the orderly court proceedings and trial, and in the best interest of the service, the use of cellular or smartphones while the court is in session is strictly prohibited," Peralta said in Memorandum Order No.74-2019 dated November 4.

"The use of other electronic communication devices not related to the ongoing proceedings or trial is likewise prohibited," the order likewise said.

With regards to the monitoring of performance of all courts, Peralta said "all lower courts are strictly enjoined to comply with the rules on session hours and hearing dates, including the reglementary or prescribed periods to resolve pending cases and incidents, as provided for under the Constitution, the laws, rules of procedures, guidelines and other administrative issuances."

The move is in accordance with Peralta's 10-point program as Chief Justice.

The order was reiterated by Court Administrator Jose Midas Marquez.

"Particular attention should be given to the prohibition on the use of cellular phone while the court is in session in order to maintain the orderly court proceedings and trial," Marquez said. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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