PDEA reiterates ‘focus’ vs. high value drug targets

MANILA An official of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has dismissed the impression that the government's anti-illegal drugs campaign is aimed at "small fry" suspects.

"Our focus is definitely also on the high-value targets, and in tandem with other government agencies. Have faith that this campaign is not geared only towards small-timers," PDEA Director Derrick Carreon said on the sidelines of the Rehabinasyon National Anti-Drugs Summit in Davao City.

Carreon cited PDEA's latest drug haul worth PHP1.9 billion in a warehouse in Cavite over the weekend, saying the latest catch proves that the impression is "evidently false".

In coordination with the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the agency retrieved 274 kg. of shabu on Sunday. The confiscated drugs allegedly came from the "Golden Triangle" on the borders of Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar.

"I don't think 274 kg. is small fry and with two Chinese nationals who even fought it out with the operating elements," Carreon said.

"The problem is that the arrest of these street-level criminals are featured more in the daily news and rightfully so because our police is very active in doing so on the streets," he added.

Some critics have slammed the administration's anti-drugs campaign, which they said focuses on street-level pushers and users. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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