PCSO commits to integrity and transparency

QUEZON CTY-- The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) stays committed to its core values of integrity and transparency. As policy, the PCSO Board has directed the fair and strict assessment of all STL applications as provided by rules that passed the scrutiny of the Presidential STL Task Force, said PCSO Chairperson Jose Jorge Corpuz as an answer to allegations that the selection of Small Town Lottery Authorized Agent Corporations (STL AAcs) involves preference to PMA Sandigan Class '82 applicants.

All STL applicants undergo the same process of review and evaluation by the PCSO STL Supervision and Monitoring Group (STL-SMG) composed of officials and representatives from the Branch Operations Sector, Management Services Sector, Legal Department, Internal Audit Service, Gaming Technology Department and Office of the General Manager.

The expansion of STL is anchored on the President's directives to: (1) generate more funds to support the government's health programs, initiatives and medical services geared towards the poor and the marginalized; (2) eliminate illegal gambling and corruption; and, (3) create employment opportunities.

PCSO appreciates the interest of PMA Class '82 to partner with PCSO through the STL. However, the PCSO Chairman cautioned that being PMA graduates will not be to their advantage since the selection of STL AAcs is a rigid process. Every applicant will have to follow the same procedures and check and balance are in place to deter abuse or undue preference.

Chairman Corpuz also encourages the public to report to him all information concerning the Agency, be it negative or positive, so that appropriate actions can be undertaken to ensure continued public service delivery to the Filipino people.

He also said that PCSO will continue to fulfill its mandate of providing funds for health and charitable projects and programs by generating revenues through the conduct of lotteries and other similar gaming activities. PCSO's games are conducted with utmost integrity and transparency and are also guaranteed to be true and fair for its gaming public.

Source: Philippines Information Agency

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