Pangasinenses laud PRRD stance on no F2F classes, telco remark

Residents of Pangasinan have lauded President Rodrigo Duterte’s statement in his fifth State-of-the-Nation Address (SONA) to not allow face-to-face (F2F) classes until the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccine is made available and his warning to telecommunication companies to improve their services by December.


In an interview Tuesday, Mildred Cordero-Castillo and Jezalin Martin, both teachers and mothers, said they are grateful to the President and the Department of Education (DepEd) for prioritizing the safety of the learners and the teachers.


“As a parent as well, it is our time to guide thoroughly our little ones with their studies at home. It is indeed a tough task but worth it to see them learning with our own guidance,” Castillo, a native of Dagupan City, said.


Martin of Mangaldan town said life is more important than education during this time of pandemic.


Ceejay Merin of Urdaneta City, a mother of two, said she agrees with PRRD’s decision and hopes that the internet signal would indeed improve in the coming months.


“Especially that many children are still graders, they are still not aware of how to protect themselves. It is better to use modular learning and the President stated that the internet signal will be improved,” he added.


Cristina Tandoc, a native of Dagupan City and a mother, shares the same sentiment that internet connection should be improved amid the suggested online classes this school year.


Genaro Parlan, a teacher from Malasiqui town, commended President Duterte’s decision. However, he was asking for a more concrete plan from the DepEd come the opening of classes on August 24.


Jhoanna Coquia of Bugallon town, fresh medical graduate, said no face-to-face classes is a must considering the increasing number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the country to protect learners and teachers at the same time prevent congestion of hospitals that would put at risk healthcare providers.


Meanwhile, Dan Cabansag of Calasiao town also lauded other points mentioned by the Chief Executive in his SONA on Monday.


“I agree with his warning to telecommunication companies since the poor internet signal has long been a big problem in the country, and the building owners give a grace period to their tenants. I also liked the idea of plant, plant, plant (program),” he said.


Pastor Tirso Bulatao of this town said he appreciates the governance of President Duterte for the last four years, but he is not in favor with the President’s recommendation to bring back the death penalty.


“We should all the more pray for him for improved leadership for our country and the citizenry,” he added.


Some Pangasinenses believed that the SONA lacked the necessary details on how to address the current dilemma of the country such as the Covid-19 pandemic, employment woes, among others.


Pastor Jun Malazo of Dagupan City said the best way to get the most out of the SONA is to appreciate it with the pre-SONA coverages aired through the Presidential Communications Operations Office and its agencies social media accounts.


“As he (PRRD) mentioned, he is actually pleading for the Congress and appropriate agencies to make possible the goals that he wants to reach before his term ends. He also mentioned that the details will be discussed in a different venue. So, I think it would be misdirected on the listener’s part to be looking for details, step by step plan. In fact, the pre-SONA has already discussed many of the things that some people may want to hear. Besides, all plans, for example in education, hang on how the pandemic will pan out. So, the best he can do is to give out the guiding principle and convictions related to it,” Malazo said.


He added that in relation to work and livelihood, especially concerning the overseas Filipino workers, the President’s “directions are clear, the pertinent agencies should make sure that they get a livelihood.”


Source: Philippines News Agency


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