Palestine bares conditions for peace treaty with Israel

CAIRO/TASS -- Palestinians are ready to conclude a peace treaty with Israel, if the occupation of Palestinian territories ends and two states, including the independent Palestinian one, are established, the Jordanian daily newspaper Al Ghad quotes Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as saying.

"We (the Palestinians are ready to sign a peace treaty (with Israel and finally solve all problems, if the Israeli occupation ends and the principle of creating two independent states is implemented," the Palestinian leader noted.

According to Abbas, "there is no new plan or new initiative to establish peace (between Palestine and Israel." He added that Palestine is committed to the Arab peace plan without any changes.

Speaking about the Arab League summit in Jordan, Abbas voiced confidence that the Arab countries will confirm the paramount importance of the Palestinian problem in the entire settlement process in the Middle East and their commitment to the 2002 Arab peace initiative, which envisages the creation of an independent Palestinian state with the capital in East Jerusalem."

Source: Philippines News Agency

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