Over 6K repatriated OFWs return home in Eastern Visayas

A total of 6,548 repatriated overseas Filipino workers (OFW) displaced by the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) health crisis have been transported back to their home towns in Eastern Visayas, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) reported on Friday.


These returning residents arrived from May 25 to September 7, said OWWA Eastern Visayas head, Sergio Borgueta Jr., in a statement.


“We have continuously accommodated arrivals since the central government allowed sweeper flights to transport them back to their home provinces. The region has continuously accepted returning OFWs and has not been suspended since May,” he added.


The OWWA regional office assured that all returning OFWs have undergone proper health protocols set by the national government.


From Metro Manila, only those with negative swab test results for coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) are allowed to travel. Upon arrival, they undergo another swab test and the mandatory 14-day quarantine in compliance with the protocols of their respective local government units.


Based on the OWWA report, 76 or 1.16 percent of the repatriated OFWs in the region have tested positive for Covid-19.


“All of them have mild symptoms or asymptomatic, and no one was hospitalized. They were only allowed to be with their family once they obtained a negative result for Covid-19,” Borgueta said.


He added that OWWA has offered free accommodation during their stay in Manila and another one-day free hotel accommodation upon their arrival here.


“It is their contribution they are practically using actually. Apart from that, they can also avail other grants and programs as OWWA members,” he added.


In the region, a total of 3,634 Covid-19 cases have been reported since March, including 2,811 recoveries and 33 deaths, the Department of Health said.


Source: Philippines News Agency

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