Over 500K nabbed for violating MM laws; smokers top list

MANILA -- Over half a million violators of various ordinances in Metro Manila have been arrested since the authorities' intensified watch started in June this year, National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) chief Director Guillermo Eleazar said on Sunday.

Based on NCRPO records, a total of 543,999 violators were nabbed from June 13 to 5 to Dec. 2, 2018, with violators of the smoking ban stubbornly topping the list.

Police rounded up a total of 148,598 violators of the smoking ban during the close to six months period, accounting for 27.32 percent of all the arrests.

Minors violating curfew hours had the next biggest number, although with a much lower number of 33,590, or 6.17 percent of all those arrested all over Metro Manila in the past nearly six months.

Those nabbed for not wearing shirts in public were 33,307 in all, or 6.12 percent of the total arrests.

Those drinking in public places came next, with 25,508 rounded up, accounting for 4.59 percent of the total number of violators across the board.

The rest, 302,996 people, or 55.07 percent of the total arrests, were nabbed for other violations.

The Quezon City Police District still had the biggest number of arrests -- 318,676 violators �5 8.58 percent or more than half of all those arrested all over Metro Manila.

The Eastern Police District placed second with 112,360 persons (20.65 percent) apprehended, followed by the Manila Police District with 45,932 (8.44 percent), the Southern Police District with 34,054 (6.26 percent), and the Northern Police District with 32,977 (6.06 percent).

Eleazar said most of the violators were immediately released after paying a fine or due to humanitarian considerations.

Based on NCRPO data, 107,628 of the arrested violators have been fined, while 74,332 were charged and seven violators still under the police custody at SPD.

The implementation of city ordinances is part of the peace and order strategy of the police. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency

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