Out with the old, in with the new: PNA set to unveil website revamp Monday

MANILA-- The Philippine News Agency is about to get a website facelift after more than a decade with a revamped version to enhance user experience.

Take one last look at the garish yellow background and archaic template of the PNA website before the biggest revamp completely eclipses the clunky, old design.

News and Information Bureau (NIB) Director Virginia Arcilla-Agtay said it was high-time to give the 15-year-old website a fresh look as its design remained unchanged since its launch in 2002.

Agtay said one of the big issues of the PNA website is that it keeps being unresponsive and cramped up, thus posing difficulties not only for site administrators but also for readers.

When I assumed office late last year, I saw that the website was not responsive. It was so cramped up, Agtay said.

"The readers have seen that website for more than a decade already. I saw the need to give it a fresh look," she added.

The web redesign has been in the works for nearly three months since January and is expected to be rolled out on Monday.

Cebu-based company TechDaddy is the main web developer for the new PNA page.

"It has served us well, the old website. But times have changed, and we need to be responsive to the needs of our readers. With the advent of innovation in other news agencies, you would see a totally different website," Agtay said.

Agtay cited Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Martin Andanar, who said that PNA is supposed to be the premiere newswire of the country. How do we communicate the good news of government out there if we don't have a credible wire agency?

Andanar has committed to rejuvenate PNA by creating its own newscast through a TV sub-channel and increase its social media presence.

Prior to breaking online news, PNA started as a teletype-based news organization in 1973.

Features of the redesigned PNA website

"More attractive, more interesting, more interactive, (and) less boring," Agtay said as she alluded to the new features that will be introduced on the website.

Agtay said the updated website will be more aesthetically appealing, especially with news stories now accompanied with photos as well as videos for better reading experience.

The new design is expected to have a friendlier interface with new navigation tools and enhanced display features.

According to Agtay, links to articles will be easier to share on social media platforms compared to before, wherein the reader is redirected to the main PNA website instead of the page containing the actual news article.

Furthermore, story archiving will be more reliable with PNA upgrading to a bigger server, Agtay noted.

PNA recently had its 15mbps fiber connection installed under the Duterte administration to have a more stable connection.

Aside from making it reader-friendly, the new website is also expected to be mobile-friendly and more accessible through downloadable applications for Android and iOS.

Unveiling of PNA revamped website

The redesigned PNA website will be unveiled on Monday, 2 p.m. at Conrad Hotel, Pasay City.

Agtay said the new website is in support to the initiatives of the present administration to beef up and revitalize state media agencies, particularly Radio Television Malacanang (RTVM), People's Television Network (PTV 4), Philippine Information Agency (PIA), Radio ng Bayan, and the PNA.

The new website will be launched days ahead of the 30th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit on April 26 to 29 as the Philippines play host to the leaders of the 10 member-states, she noted.

Agtay said the major overhaul of the PNA website was met with exuberance from its editors, reporters, as well as other PCOO officials.

"Everyone is excited about the new site. Personally, I am excited myself. Imagine, for so many years, we have been relying on an old design of the website," she said.

"This time, we're going to have a new one, so everyone is excited about it, especially everyone in PNA. It's like when you have an old toy and you get a new one -- you can't sleep, you play with it more often -- so it is going to be a most-looked forward to event," she added.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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