NPAs not really interested in long and just peace — AFP

MANILA --- The New People's Army (NPA is not really interested in peace.

This after the insurgents vowed to step up their recruitment of more fighters as they celebrated their 48th founding anniversary Wednesday.

"This is a sad development granting this is truly their real intent. Why? Because it is an indication of an expansion program that ironically runs counter to the essence of the ongoing peace talks," said AFP spokesperson Brig. Gen. Restituto Padilla reacting to the statement of the communist group.

"It also belies the real intent of the group... that they really do not desire a long, just and lasting peace for the country," he added.

Earlier, Padilla said all military units were placed on alert for this rebel event.

In the same vein, troops were also ordered to keep a tight watch on their surroundings to prevent the rebels from surprising them.

"All of our troops are told to prepare for any act of violence that the rebel group might undertake during their 48th founding anniversary," the AFP spokesperson added.

Likewise, civilian sympathizers of the NPAs, planning to conduct protest actions, are advised to coordinate with proper authorities so that their rallies will not affect traffic and inconvenience to the public.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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