Notorious ‘salisi’ suspect nabbed in NAIA

MANILA -- Authorities at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) on Monday presented to reporters a notorious "salisi" suspect, who had apparently victimized various passengers at the airport.

MIAA identified the latest complainant as Harija Panayaman Hamsa, who claimed she was victimized by a swindler she met at NAIA last February 27.

Hamsa went to airport authorities last March 8 to seek help.

She was allowed to view CCTV footages and was able to pinpoint the suspect, who was initially identified as "Arjhay Valdez".

Footages showed the suspect taking Hamsa's belongings.

While an officer was conducting surveillance at NAIA Terminal 1 Bus Transfer Area, he saw a passenger who looked like the suspect earlier identified by Hamsa.

The passenger wrote "Arjhay Valdez" on the Transfer Passenger Records prompting the officer to ask for additional identification cards for verification.

It was found out that the passenger's real name is Rey John Manglay.

Various IDs, cards, wallets, gadgets, mobile phones, documents, bags, and pawn receipts, among other items, were also found in Manglay's possession.

The officer initially arrested Manglay for using fictitious name, but later on verified that he is the notorious "salisi" suspect they have been looking for.

"Salisi" is a modus operandi, where criminals distract their victim, making the commission of the crime unnoticed.

Airport authorities have already turned over the suspect to the Pasay Prosecutor's Office.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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