Nielsen to tap Facebook in digital ad-rating model (Business Mirror (Philippines))

AFTER a month of testing, The Nielsen Co. (Philippines) Inc. would officially test this week its digital advertising-ratings system, the results of which would be revealed in October.

As far as I know, we’re the only one who would do this in conjunction with Facebook, Nielsen Philippines Managing Director Stuart Jamieson told reporters last week.

Jamieson explained that aside from having a panel of respondents, the company placed a digital code in a company’s marketing campaign via Facebook.

That code, according to Jamieson, is unique to the specific advertisement and would tell us if somebody clicked on it. The panel of respondents would verify the results of the digital advertising campaign.

Another company is doing that (panel method) but we’re the only one with a social-media component, he explained.

Jamieson said Nielsen have seven media buyers who opted in into the solution that would also show the age, gender and location of the user who clicked on the advertisement.

We tested it last month with one agency and the results were satisfactory. Jamieson said the solution would go live in the Philippines on August 14.

Currently available in 12 markets, Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings provides the media industry with a highly accurate method of measuring online advertising audiences, delivering reach, frequency and gross rating point metrics, as well as demographics such as age and gender to determine the effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns, the company said in a July 14 statement.

The solution uses a patented process combining Nielsen’s online data with aggregated, anonymous demographic information from third-party data providers, the company added.

Jamieson said the company expects digital advertising to grow, fueled by millennials-those born between 1980 and the year 2000.

According to Jamieson, there are roughly 76 million Facebook users in the Philippines, majority of who are millennials.

A survey in nine schools in Metro Manila led by Far Eastern University Inc. revealed 70.6 percent of 4,325 freshmen students are connected with friends using social media.

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