NFA-Palawan admits ‘very limited’ rice supply

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Palawan The local office of the National Food Authority (NFA) here is currently incapable of stabilizing the high prices of commercial rice varieties because of its own very limited supply.

This was learned Monday from NFA Assistant Manager Cesar Gonda, who said that they now only had 11,000 bags of rice in their warehouses all over the province of Palawan.

The NFA, which is responsible for ensuring the food security of the country and stability of supply and rice price, admitted it is now helpless to impact the cost of commercial rice being sold in the market.

The price of commercial rice is high. We can't control and stop them (private rice traders) because of free enterprise, Gonda said.

The local NFA official said their stocks were limited since their procurement in 2017 only yielded 7,000 bags of palay from their buying stations in Narra and Rizal towns in the southern part of the province.

With very limited rice supply, Gonda said that if retailers would only rely on them, there would not be enough rice supply as the whole of Palawan consumes about 8,000 sacks of rice per day.

Kung aasa lahat ng retailers sa supply ng NFA, mauubos iyon agad in one to two days (If retailers will depend solely on the NFA, the supply will immediately run out in one to two days), he said.

Despite this, Gonda assured that the province is going to survive since commercial rice supplies are available from private rice traders.

Palawan has enough supply in household stocks and commercial rice varieties in the public markets. They are a bit expensive, but what matters, for the time being, is that there is enough supply, he said.

Source: Philippine News Agency

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