(News Feature) Freelance artist showcases ‘Adventures in Digongland’ art exhibit

Many people may say they don't understand President Rodrigo Duterte -- the things he says and does.

That is why, an avante-garde artist put up the "Adventures in Digongland (More High Fructose Corn Syrup) art exhibit, which the public could view from Jan. 3-14 at the SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City.

In an interview with the Philippine News Agency (PNA), artist Hayden Sison said he aims to make the public learn how to relax through this exhibit.

"Don't take everything seriously," he said.

Sison explained that "Digongland" refers to the country that "Digong" (President Duterte) currently governs.

"Digongland" depicts the environment Filipinos are in, he added.

This was the first time that Sison held a solo exhibit, and his first time to paint the President too.

Was it difficult to paint the President? "It was difficult to paint his personality because there is not one," Sison admitted.

The artist noted that (for him), President Duterte is not the person the public sees in the newspapers.

"We are trying to portray President Duterte in such a way that the public would not take everything he says and does seriously," Sison said.

Meanwhile, Sison told PNA he noticed that most of the exhibit's millennial visitors are aware of the things happening around them.

"They liked what they saw. They are aware of what's happening," he described.

About 40 paintings were mounted in the exhibit. Most of these were already sold even before they were placed there. Small paintings were sold for Php15,000 to Php18,000, while the bigger ones cost Php40,000 to Php50,000.

Sison used mixed media for his exhibit but the dominant material he used was acrylic.

"We might expand this exhibit in the future and add other artists that might come in," he cited.

The partnership is open to any artist who might be interested to collaborate with Sison for the "Adventures in Digongland".

The artist has been painting for four years now. He paints whatever catches his attention at the time.

"I don't wait for inspiration. I would just go to my studio and paint," he said, adding that like other artists, some of his works take time to finish.

Sison also shared he doesn't look for techniques, but rather works on the "feel of the painting".

Source: Philippines News Agency

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