Newly trained traffic enforcers to help decongest Manila’s shopping districts

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada said Friday he will post 80 newly trained traffic enforcers of the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) to help ensure a smooth traffic flow as an estimated one million people flock to the city every day to do their Christmas shopping.

He said that to discourage these Job Order traffic enforcers from extorting money from motorists, he raised their basic pay from PHP6,000 to PHP10,000 a month.

"They will help decongest the traffic in the city's high-density shopping districts," Estrada said, adding that the 80 MTPB enforcers, fresh from a 15-day extensive training course, will back up members of the Manila Police District-Traffic Enforcement Units (MPD-TEU) in maintaining peace and order in Manila's major roads during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

"It's a common thought that if it is Christmas, there's serious traffic to be expected. That is why the police and traffic enforcers will be around to secure the people and control the traffic," he said.

Estrada said the 80 MTPB enforcers are expected to see action after the completion of their training on Friday. They are expected to be deployed to Divisoria, Binondo and Quiapo.

The 15-day training course was ordered by Estrada on Nov. 28 after he terminated the work contracts of 690 traffic personnel of MTPB due to numerous complaints of extortion and other illegal activities.

The mayor has been closely following the training of the first batch of 92 trainees who will fill up the vacated slots at the MTPB. Of the 92, eight were new recruits.

The retraining is being handled by the MPD and is focused on developing discipline, proper decorum and posture, and physical fitness. The trainees were also given classroom lectures on basic road accident investigation, rescue and first aid, and basic self-defense techniques.

Only about 200 will be rehired from the original 690-strong MTPB, according to MTPB chief Dennis Alcoreza.

"We won't take in more enforcers because 300 is enough, so long as they are good and backed up by the policemen," Estrada pointed out.

Estrada has warned that he will impose a "one-strike" policy on any MTPB personnel who will again be involved in any illegal activity. (

Source: Philippines News Agency

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