NCRPO arrests 422.2K violators of laws, city ordinances

MANILA National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Director, Chief Supt. Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar, said Friday a total of 422,238 persons have been apprehended for violation of various local ordinances in Metro Manila since June.

Eleazar said that based on NCRPO data, 19,320 (4.58 percent) were arrested for drinking liquor in public places from June 13 to Oct. 26 this year; 126,266 (29.90 percent) for smoking in non-smoking areas; 28,292 (6.70 percent) for not wearing shirts in public; 27,197 minors (6.70 percent) for violating curfew hours; and 221,163 (52.38 percent) others for violating other city ordinances in Metro Manila.

He said the Quezon City Police District remains the top performer in enforcing ordinances, apprehending 243,817 violators or 57.74 percent of all those arrested in the metropolis.

The Eastern Police District placed second with 89,928 (21.30 percent) persons caught, followed by the Manila Police District with 38,608 (9.14 percent), and the Southern Police District with 28,447 (6.74 percent). The Northern Police District rounded up 21,438 (5.8 percent) persons.

Eleazar, however, clarified the violators were immediately released after paying a fine or due to humanitarian considerations.

Based on the NCRPO data, 78,430 of the arrested violators were fined while 52,104 were charged.

The implementation of city ordinances is part of the peace and order strategy of the NCRPO. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency

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