My job is to protect our country and make it peaceful for everybody — Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday rallied the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to protect the people and maintain the country's integrity.

"The most important thing, we are workers of government, paid by the people because we are supposed to maintain the integrity of this Republic," President Duterte announced in Camp Tecson during his meeting with AFP officers and enlisted men of the elite First Scout Ranger Regiment.

President Duterte said, "While I build a strong army, my job is not really na hanggang tingin lang diyan. It goes beyond higher and higher and that is to protect my country and make it peaceful for everybody."

On the government peace efforts, the President said, "My job under the Constitution is to look for a peaceful way of settling disputes so we can live together, I can cross the ideological border."

He was referring to peace talks with communist and Muslim rebels, saying that "my job is to look for peace, not for me, not for us but for our children. Hindi naman lahat ng mga anak natin, mag-army, capable of doing, just studying and doing war until kingdom come. Somehow, in our generation, we have to look for peace or reckoning."

The Commander-in-Chief recognized the gallantry of the Scout Rangers in the battle fronts and their contributions to the fight against illegal drugs. He was impressed at their firing skills when he personally witnessed a capability demonstration at the camp.

Source: Philippine Information Agency

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