More than 300 firms in Ireland linked to ‘Panama Papers’ exposing offshore accounts of world leaders

More than 300 companies in Ireland have been linked to the so-called ‘Panama Papers’ release.

The leak of secret off-shore accounts includes the names of some of the world’s most prominent politicians, celebrities and sport stars.

The law firm in Panama at the centre of the leak – Mossack Fonseca – denies any wrongdoing.

A marquee of the Arango Orillac Building lists the Mossack Fonseca law firm in Panama City. Pic: AP

But a company registered on Botanic Avenue in Drumcondra, Dublin, has been linked to international arms deals in India, the Philippines and elsewhere.

It is said to be a trust and secretarial service called Pegasus Trusts and it is reported that this is a very small part of their business and most of it is historical.

Reacting to the publication, Oxfam Ireland’s Chief Executive Jim Clarken said that the most vulnerable people are still footing the bill for the wealthy.

He said: “The most vulnerable people here in societies here in Ireland and elsewhere are the ones that are denied the access to services because governments can’t pay for them”.

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