Mom airs appeal: Please help my daughter

MANILA: After she was first diagnosed with cerebral and intractable epilepsy at six months old, Eunice Amarille now aged seven has gotten worse, according to her mother.

Annabel Mercado told the Inquirer that her daughter is unable to stand up or even walk by herself as she suffers from delayed mental and physical development.

“She cries though when she is hungry and she smiles when we talk to her. There are periodic seizures in between,” Mercado said.

She also talked about having to give up her job as a helper in a dress shop so she could devote her full attention to Eunice—from changing her diaper to giving her food and medicine through a tube (nasogastric tube feeding).

Mercado appealed for help from readers as the salary of her partner, Roland Amarille, as a vegetable garden helper in Taytay, Rizal, was not enough to support her and their three children.

“Eunice is taking three maintenance medicines which are quite expensive. These include Leviteracetam 500 mg and Toperamate 50 mg which cost us P10,000 a month,” she said.

Annabel Mercado can be reached at 0930-3599659. Those who want to help Eunice may deposit their donations in her RCBC account (# 6019-710604253989).

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