The Ministry of Education (MOE) is committed to improving quality, equality and access of education for all students, said Minister Fadhlina Sidek.

She said no student should be marginalised in the country's education system, in line with the Malaysia Madani aspiration.

"Quality education belongs to all, regardless of race, religion or politics," she was quoted as saying in a statement shared by the ministry at the 2023 Education Executive Committee (exco) (MJEPN) Meeting yesterday.

Referring to the meeting, she said it was a platform for exco members in the states to receive information on the development of education, especially the latest national education policy.

She said the meeting also provided an opportunity for all parties to discuss matters related to education in their respective states.

According to Fadhlina, the MJEPN is also an effort to make communication between the MOE and stakeholders, including the state education exco nationwide to be more efficient and transparent.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency