MMDA chief vows to rid agency of corruption

MANILA -- Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chairman Danilo Lim said his agency is conducting measures to rid its personnel of corruption while going back to basics in addressing the traffic situation in Metro Manila.

In a press briefing in MalacaAan on Thursday, August 24, Lim said his agency is going back to basics in addressing heavy traffic in Metro Manila as well as in implementing strict discipline among MMDA personnel.

When I assumed the office as Chairman of the MMDA last May, I said that I will not initially introduce any fancy schemes or complicated solutions but will employ back to basics and no-nonsense implementation of existing traffic rules and regulations to address the traffic situations in Metro Manila, Lim said.

Going back to basics means strict adherence to our existing laws, practicing a culture of discipline, road courtesy, and changing the habit of our people, he said.

Since Lim assumed office last May, he said 12 MMDA personnel found guilty of corruption were dismissed from the service, while two got suspended, 22 were terminated for cause, 77 job orders were not renewed for cause, and 10 were dropped from rolls due to their absence without official leave.

Alam nila na may nagawa sila na hindi maganda. So kaysa they submit themselves to the investigation process, marami diyan nag-a-AWOL na lang, hindi na rin pumapasok. So sama-sama na po 'yun sa ano, 'yung internal cleansing natin, Lim explained.

He said among the measures done by the MMDA to address corruption within the agency was the reorganization and reassignment of MMDA personnel to various sectors and divisions; the granting of gift certificates and other incentives weekly to deserving Sector Teams where traffic condition in the assigned areas relatively improved; and the giving of awards to MMDA employees who showed dedication and exemplified honesty in their line of work.

We are doing this kahit paano to address their morale, maipakita naman natin sa kanila na we care for them Sa amin kasi sa military eh you do your mission pero at the same time, never forget the welfare of your people. Ganon lagi. So we're accomplishing the mission. Ipinapakita natin na may pag-aalaga, pag-aaruga tayo sa kanila, Lim said.

Lim also noted that the MMDA has filed charges in court against seven barangay captains who failed to clear their areas with illegally parked vehicles in Metro Manila.

They have been directed by the Office of the Ombudsman to submit answers to these charges, he said.

He said bus terminals along EDSA-Cubao and Pasay areas were also closed down for various violations. The MMDA also towed 786 vehicles, while 2,920 drivers were issued with traffic violation tickets.

Lim added that under the MMDA's No-Physical Contact Traffic Apprehension, a total of 14,535 apprehensions were made for the period of May 24 to August 18 of 2017 while 184 colorum and 246 out-of-line vehicles were apprehended from May 24 up to August 18.

With a forceful action and the development of a culture of discipline, kahit paano, we can restore some order and make life more vibrant and livable here in Metro Manila, he said.

Source: Philippine News Agency

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