MinDA forms task group for food distribution

The Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) has established a task group to ensure that supplies needed for food production in Mindanao and transport facilities for food delivery and distribution would be made available.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, MinDA Sec. Emmanuel Piñol said the task group was created following the requests from poultry and livestock sectors for help in transporting biologics, veterinary supplies, hatching eggs for broilers and layers and feeds, most of which are sourced in Luzon.

Piñol said the task group will continue to monitor the supply of food and other essential commodities in all localities.

In particular, MinDA's area management offices are required to submit regular reporting on the food supply situation especially in the island communities.

MinDA Executive Director Janet Lopoz was tasked to coordinate with relevant agencies to ensure that production requirements of the food-producing sector such as biologics, veterinary supplies, hatching eggs, and others are transported from Metro Manila to the points of destination in Mindanao.

On the other hand, MinDA Assistant Secretary Romeo Montenegro was tasked to make an inventory of trucks and vessels which may be needed in the course of our food supply sufficiency program.

“Both officers are also directed to coordinate with the local government units which enforced lockdowns to work out a system to allow and facilitate the passage of transport facilities loaded with food supplies or food production inputs,” Piñol memorandum said.

He added that Lopoz and Montenegro are directed to organize their own task forces and engage the services of other MinDA officials and employees in implementing the directives.

“Biologics, veterinary supplies and feed additives or microminerals are critical in the stable supply of meat and poultry products from Mindanao, especially now that Luzon has another outbreak of the bird flu,” the MinDA chief pointed out.

He also noted that a delay in the delivery of hatching eggs both for egg layers and broilers will destabilize the production schedules and result in shortage.

“The Inter-Agency Task Force for Covid-19 has been advised on this issue and there was an assurance that all of these supplies will be facilitated," Piñol said.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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