MIAA vows to finish airport terminal decongestion plan as slated

MANILA The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) stays firm about beating the Aug. 31 terminal realignment deadline given by Congress.

"As far as MIAA is concerned, we will follow that deadline, unless a higher authority, like the President, for instance, tells us to stop or to delay it," MIAA Media Affairs Division head Jess Martinez told the Philippine News Agency on Wednesday.

Congress gave MIAA until August to come up with a plan to decongest the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Martinez clarified that this terminal realignment plan is MIAA's way to rationalize flights and to address the problem on passenger congestion.

Under the plan, NAIA Terminal 2 will be used solely for domestic flights. NAIA terminal 4, which currently serves domestic flights, will remain as it is.

He explained that Terminal 2 was originally designed as a domestic airport.

"That is the reason why the queues there are always long. It was not even designed to have a section for the Bureau of Immigration and a Duty-Free store," Martinez said,

Another option that MIAA is considering is to transfer all foreign airlines to Terminal 3.

Martinez noted that MIAA is still looking at all possible options.

"We are trying to have the best option, but definitely we will have to implement an action this year," he said.

Terminal 2 is currently used by flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) for its international and domestic flights.

Martinez also cited that airlines that want an extension of the realignment plan implementation must ask Congress, and not MIAA.

"Our main objective is the passenger decongestion in NAIA terminals. It is all for the benefit of our passengers," he said.

Source: Philippine News Agency

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