MIAA chief urges public to approach airport help desks

MANILA Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) general manager Ed Monreal on Wednesday enjoined the public to approach the help desks at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) if they need assistance.

The remark was made after learning that airport cops were able to help a passenger retrieve a backpack he left inside a bus.

In a social media posted July 22, Shota Shirakashi shared that he boarded a P2P bus from Baguio to NAIA Terminal 3. He was supposed to take a bus to NAIA Terminal 1 when he noticed his bag was missing.

Airport cops accompanied him to a bus terminal in Pasay City, and apparently, the bus has just arrived at the terminal when they came.

Shirakashi was able to retrieve the bag he left on his seat. His cash, IDs, credit card and important documents are also intact.

In a statement, Monreal commented that while the effort may look simple, it means a lot for someone who does not know anyone in a foreign land.

"They (cops) should serve as an inspiration to the rest of our police force at NAIA," he said. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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