Method to Rody’s madness

There certainly is method to Rody's madness - in his grandiose plan to become an absolute dictator.

And this was made clear to all - save for his fanatics - when he threatened, not just Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno but the entire Supreme Court, to declare martial law should the SC interfere in his war against illegal drugs.

Rody warned Sereno he would declare martial law if she does not like his way of purging the country of drugs and told her not to interfere in his war against drugs.

"If this continues, you try to stop me and all hell breaks loose, would you rather I declare martial law? Filipinos are being killed. I grieve for so many women raped, men killed, infants raped, then you put me against a corner," he said, adding: "What will you do with those high on drugs? Let them resume their criminal activities?"

Predictably, his puppets in MalacaAang tried to downplay his threat to declare martial law if the Supreme Court does not toe his line, even saying that Rody knows the limits of his powers and that he also recognizes the independence of the branches of government.

That is pure bullshit they spew. They should spew it on themselves and not on the people.

Rody probably knows his limits, but he sure is trying to expand these limits by encroaching on the powers vested on the other branches of government. His threats alone are meant to cow into submission the SC and the entire Judiciary, in enabling him to control the Judiciary on the basis of fear.

But if Rody, a lawyer and president, should be able to understand the Constitution and the laws of the land and follow what these provisions state. But he doesn't and he willfully violates the Constitution and the country's laws.

The truth is, even as he threatens to declare martial law, if anybody - and not just the High Court - tries to f*ck him in whatever wrong he does, it wouldn't mean a thing, because all the other institutions cannot be shut down by Rody - not Congress and not the Supreme Court.

Rody may count on his puppet Congress to okay his martial law powers and even extend the time frame, but any citizen - and it is certain there will be more than one, can challenge Rody's martial law which means that the SC is mandated to review the sufficiency of the factual basis of the proclamation of martial law or the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus or its extension and the SC will have to promulgate its decision within 30 days from the filing of the case.

Will his declaration of martial law have any basis? Under the same constitutional provisions, it is also stated in Section 18, Article 7 that the President may suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus or place the Philippines or any part thereof under martial law "in case of invasion or rebellion, or when the public safety requires it ... for a period not exceeding sixty days."

But Rody will probably use the public safety bit to justify his imposition of martial rule.

However, the kind of martial law that Rody thinks of is not to be done within the Constitution but outside of it. After all, he has been violating the Constitution from the day he was sworn in as the President of the Republic.

This can be gleaned through his attacks on virtually every sector of society, aided by threats.

He threatened the Congress if its members do not come up with a Constitution that does come off the way he dictates them to do. He threatened the Church earlier, saying he does not believe in its religion and the only religion he abides by is the Duterte religion, in which he presumably believes himself to be God.

He has also threatened the wealthy businessmen who are tax evaders, curtailing their freedom to travel, with cases filed against them.

Politicians, local government executives, barangay officers, all have been threatened by Rody, unlike the way he protects his military and police forces, whom he babies, and promises them full protection and pardon, should cases be filed against them for acts done under his orders.

Rody has now vented his ire at the Supreme Court - and if he succeeds in cowing all of them in the three branches of government, why, he can finally be what he has always wanted: An absolute dictator for life, able to kill anybody he wants to kill, just like his hero, Idi Amin Dada in his heyday.

Hail the Philippines Idi Amin Dada and Papa Doc Duvalier combined, along with Rody's National Death Squad? Rody's dictatorial regime may not last long.

Source: Daily Tribune

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