Mavulis island facility to boost security, enforce maritime law

MANILA An official of the military's Northern Luzon Command (Nolcom) said there is a need to secure and build a facility in the uninhabited Mavulis Island off Itbayat, Batanes province.

In an interview, Nolcom spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Isagani Nato said Thursday the proposed facility's construction, which will begin next month, will boost security and enforce maritime law in the area.

Aside from enhancing information gathering around the northern maritime area, the facility will also serve as fishermen's shelter once it is completed.

"The structure will serve as a multi-purpose shelter for locals fishing in the vicinity double up as shelter for Nolcom troops visiting the island to guard our maritime domain in that isolated area during poaching season. Also, amenities will be provided to cater the needs of the recipients considering the proximity of the place to the nearest island town," Nato said.

Nolcom is conducting regular patrols and troop visit in Mavulis to ensure that no poachers or intruders enter the country's maritime domain.

Navy and Marine units also check to see if the Philippine tricolor, raised there last year, is dilapidated and in need of replacement, Nato added.

Source: Philippine News Agency

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