Many get into trouble overseas through ‘cultural insensitivity’.

More than 200 New Zealanders were arrested and detained while travelling last year, and consular staff say drugs, petty crime and cultural insensitivity are often behind these overseas arrests.

Statistics obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade showed 201 Kiwi travellers contacted the Government for assistance after breaking the law overseas.

The most common overseas location for New Zealanders to require help from Mfat was Australia, where at least 59 Kiwis were detained last year, followed by the US, which had 31 cases. China, Thailand and Japan were in equal third place, with 14 Kiwis detained in each country.

There were also multiple detention cases in the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Canada and the Philippines.

The statistics do not show the complete number of New Zealanders arrested overseas, just the cases in which individuals contacted Mfat for help.

Source: Nzherald

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