Manila Water bridges supply gap

MANILA Concessionaire Manila Water on Wednesday said it is nearly completing its recovery efforts from the supply deficit experienced beginning in March this year.

Jeric T. Sevilla Jr., Manila Water spokesperson, said they have reduced the supply gap starting from a 150-million liter per day (MLD) of deficit last March to almost 350 MLD in late June when the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) reduced its allocation for domestic use in Metro Manila from Angat Dam."

Manila Water has successfully narrowed the supply gap with increased production in its Cardona Water Treatment Plant in Rizal, he added.

As of July 7, 2019, the Cardona WTP is already producing up to 63 MLD and the total yield from all operational deep wells has reached 58 MLD.

On the other hand, Abelardo P. Basilio, Manila Water chief operating officer, said that the average of 12 percent non-revenue water (NRW) from late last year to early this year, has been reduced to 7.5 percent in June this year.

With an average production of 1,500 MLD, the 4.5 percent improvement in NRW translated to almost 70 MLD volume of water which we can use to help to bridge the deficit, Basilio said.

While we have increased our efficiencies and the technical solutions, we have put in place are ensuring we are able to distribute the still-limited supply as equitably as we can, we cannot rest and let our guard down. The water supply situation remains volatile and continues to change day to day as Angat, Ipo and La Mesa Dams remain in sub-ideal levels. We are keeping to our commitment of working towards 24/7 supply at 7 psi pressure, or reaching only up to the ground floor, for all customers, he said. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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