Manila meets a redefined ‘King of the Road’

April 1, 2016 4:45 pm
 The specially designed jeepney for Hennessy

The specially designed jeepney for Hennessy

If there’s one thing every Manila local sees, smells and hears every single day, it is that loud and flamboyant vehicle called jeepney. A mainstay not only on the roads but also in souvenir shops and cultural museums, this “only in the Philippines” vehicle plays a significant role in defining its culture.

It then came as no surprise that French cognac brand Hennessy has chosen to use the Philippine iconic symbol to represent the brand’s embrace and adoption to Filipino culture in a new campaign called “The King of the Road.”

“As a brand, Hennessy has long travelled the globe placing their mark in every country to embrace its local culture. Ultimately, we want to be the pioneers that will lead the way in experiencing culture with refinement and sophistication, and this campaign, Hennessy King of the Road, is our take on the celebration of Manila’s Urban Lifestyle,” says Carlo Bautista, Hennessy VS Brand Manager.

The campaign reveals the Hennessy Jeepney at its center, and focuses on three other aspects of Philippine pop culture: food, music, and art.

 Hennessy Philippines Managing Director Steven Bullock

Hennessy Philippines Managing Director Steven Bullock

“We chose the Jeepney because it’s vibrant, distinct, and audacious. The presence of the jeepney on the road reminds Filipinos of the country they were born into, and it’s ways and practices of living. The jeepney is an urban symbol of Filipino resourcefulness, flair, sense of community, and ultimately the cultural King of the Road. Today, it is the first and only luxury jeepney created by a wines and spirits company,” Bautista continues.

Deviating from its the traditional design, the jeepney was turned into a luxury vehicle with a sleek black matte finish, luxe gold detailing and elegant interiors of soft black leather and dim lighting. And from the common roads of Manila, Hennessy Jeepney will be seen allover the urban hotspots of the metro.

The Hennessy Jeepney recently made its first stop in Makati and was welcomed by the familiar faces in the city’s vibrant nightlife such as Antoinette Taus, Frank Magalona, Jess Milner, Joyce Pring, Lauren Young, and Tom Taus, among others.

The Philippines had never before seen such a concrete manifestation of a prestigious foreign brand embracing local culture, and with Hennessy’s King of the Road, it’s about time people started embracing an iconic vehicle often taken for granted.

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