Maguindanao health office holds info drive on 2019-nCov

The Maguindanao provincial health office has launched Thursday its massive information campaign on the 2019 novel coronavirus (nCov), even as the province's health workers continue the anti-polio vaccination.

Dr. Elizabeth Samama, Maguindanao health chief, told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) in a phone interview that no single case has been detected with suspected coronavirus in the province to date.

Nothing to worry in Maguindanao, Maguindanao assured, as she appealed to the public to help prevent the spread of the virus through cleanliness and personal hygiene.

Samama said the information drive is held simultaneously by health workers with the Sabayang Patak Kontra Polio, which started on January 20 and set to conclude on Saturday, Feb. 2.

Samama said the information drive activities are held at the sitio (sub-village) level or community gatherings where health workers disseminate other health-related updates.

If you know of any resident in Maguindanao who has been to China or any country with confirmed coronavirus patients, please inform us to have that person checked by medical experts for everyone's safety, she said.

Samama advised Maguindanaons, especially the children, to wash their hands regularly, avoid close contact with any person who has fever or flu, and wear medical masks when necessary.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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