Local legislators urge Congress to pass ‘menstrual leave’ policy

ILOILO CITY-- A resolution has been passed by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) urging Congress to pass the "Period Policy" that will provide female workers additional 12 days of sick leave with pay every year.

A resolution authored by Board Member Lorenz Defensor, a firm advocate of women's rights, said that is high time for the Congress to recognize that the "rights of men and women are not equal."

In his resolution, he stated that monthly periods are a huge part of the life of a woman. Some may experience painful or heavy flow and during the period (of menstruation), most women experience psychological and physiological discomfort.

"Unlike men, our female colleagues, the ladies of the Sanggunian, experience or some may suffer due to their physiological constitution every month that constricts them, provide them discomforts and even pain every month such that this women workers and members of our workforce deserve at least additional leave pay to provide them with a leave for wellness and recovery due this monthly physiological conditions that their bodies give them," Defensor said during his privilege speech.

He cited that the concept of "menstrual leave" started in Japan in the early 20th century when Japanese labor unions started to demand leave for their female workers.

In 1947, a law was brought into force by the Japanese Labor Standards that allowed menstruating women to take days off work.

The menstrual leave was also applied in South Korea and Indonesia.

Defensor cleared it out that if female employees or staff will get paid for a day's leave every month, they do not need to get doctors' notes or medical certificate or worry about their salary being deducted for dropping a day's work.

The resolution was forwarded to the Committee on Women and Family Affairs chaired by second district board member Leicel M. Seville for appropriate action. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency

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