Lithuania’s grain exports soar 48% in February y-o-y

Novorossiisk grain.jpg

Lithuania’s total grain and oilseed rape exports soared by 48% in February 2016 compared with a year ago thanks mostly to a surge in wheat exports, informs LETA/BNS, according to the Agricultural Information and Rural Business Center’s latest publication Agrorinka (Agrimarket).

Grain exports totaled 323,000 tons last month.

Wheat exports doubled in February from a year ago to 314,880 tons, accounting for 97% of the total grain exports. Wheat was exported to Latvia, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Taiwan, the Philippines and Zimbabwe at an average price of 164.67 euros per ton.

Oilseed rape exports slumped down by 59% to 2,500 tons. Oilseed rape was exported to Latvia and Germany at an average price of 377 euros per ton.
Source: The Baltic Course

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