LeBron James set for Manila return (Philippine Star)

MANILA, Philippines And then there’s another one.

First was Paul George. Then came Brian Shaw and two more cagers. A few days later, Ricky Rubio’s arrival was announced. This time, it’s LeBron James.

News of the National Basketball Association superstar’s return to the country spread like wildfire on social media when a sportswear apparel took to Twitter to tease James’ scheduled visit around noon Monday.

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” lang=”en” xml:lang=”enGet ready, @KingJames will be arriving to inspire Team Rise and Pinoy basketball to the next level. pic.twitter.com/jzBbYtKlHq

Nike Philippines (@NikePH) August 10, 2015

In a report, Spin.PH indicated that James will be arriving on August 19 (Wednesday) and staying until August 22, which is longer compared to his first visit in July 2013.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar is set to play with a selection of collegiate stars in a pick up game as well, the report added.

James, a recipient of four Most Valuable Player award and a two-time NBA champion, will be the main guest of the second leg of an ongoing reality show that features out-of-school youth and their quest to become full-fledgedcagers. He succeeds the Indiana Paces’ George, who was in town a month ago.

The Cavaliers forward is one of the many basketball superstars slated for a Philippine visit. His recent NBA Finals tormentor and reigning league MVP Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is also scheduled for his own tour here as part of a promotional campaign for another popular sportswear line.

Drafted first overall pick by the Cavs in 2003, James went on to win two championships with the Miami Heat before returning to Cleveland. His crew lost to Curry’s squad in the recent NBA Finals series in six games.

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