Lawmaker asks Philippine Airlines to consider Guam-NMI air service

REPRESENTATIVE Lorenzo I. Deleon Guerrero has asked Philippine Airlines to include the CNMI-Guam route in its air service.

“Healthy competition will stimulate efficient and affordable air service,” he said in a letter to PAL Express president Boniface U. Sam and senior vice president-commercial group David A. Lim.

The CNMI, Deleon Guerrero pointed out, has been experiencing significant challenges in air services between Saipan and Guam, adding that Cape Air-United has had countless flight delays and cancellations due to aircraft maintenance issues.

“We are also seeing a decrease in flights between Saipan and the U.S mainland,” he said.

Travelers often stay overnight in Japan without lodging and subsistence accommodations, he added.

“The CNMI is at a disadvantage because travelers to the U.S. mainland must first go to Guam to catch the connecting flight.”

Deleon Guerrero lauded PAL for its plan to resume direct flights between Saipan and the Philippines starting in June.

He said he is excited to know that PAL may also increase the twice-a-week flight service in the near future “so that our commonwealth can be further connected to other countries.”

The new flight service, he added, will help promote the CNMI’s tourism industry.

“There is no doubt that the air transportation service to commence this June will further boost our relationship and escalate our economic growth,” he said.

Deleon Guerrero said the people of the CNMI are excited about the new transportation service to be offered by PAL Express.

“We are deeply honored and we extend our sincere appreciation,” he told PAL executives.

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